Money Drawing Ritual Jar


Money Drawing Ritual Jar
4 Inch Green Soy Candle
Jar is 3 Inches, made of glass and has a black metal twist lid with Glass Colored Stone on top
Witch's String with Pentacle Charm
Ritual is scrolled and details steps to complete yourself.

Includes Contents of Jar:
All of these ingredient properties are specifically used to amplify the ritual.
- Pyrite
- Citrine
- Cat's Claw Bark
- Flax Seed
- Ginger Root
- White Sage
- Witches Ash
- Goldenrod
- Witches Grass
- Cinnamon
- Yellow dock

Packed in a sturdy box to ensure it arrives to you safely.
These will make excellent gifts.
Limited Number Made

Sending positive energy to you and yours.

While this kit comes with detailed instructions, there are no guarantees of the outcome.

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