Rose Water in Cobalt Glass Jar

I made this Rose Water from freshly dried Moroccan Rose Buds, Moroccan Rose Essential Oil filled in a Cobalt Blue 3 Ounce Glass Jar with Black Lid, Cleansed under the full moonlight.

Each jar is embellished with a gemstone.

It has steeped for 3 weeks and is ready to be used, so this quantity is limited. Many use it as a cleansing water, some use it with spells, some use it for refreshing or clarifying. It smells wonderful and intoxicating.

Rose Water has been used since ancient times. Roses are used for medicinal, nutritional and fragrant purposes. The ancient Greeks and Romans considered their public rose gardens as important as their wheat fields, orchards and crops.

Rose perfumes, also called attar of roses are made from rose oil. Rose oil is made with essential oils formed by steam distilling crushed petals of roses.

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Moroccan Rose Water

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