As Strong as Iron (Hoodoo Protection Ritual)

Hoodoo, sometimes called Lowcountry Voodoo, is a traditional spirituality derived from numerous West African traditions, practices, and beliefs.  It is often referred to as “conjuration”, “rootwork”, or “Obeah”.

In Hoodoo practices, wrought iron is valued for its strength, durability, resilience, and the fact that is naturally derived from raw ore (unlike processed and refined steel).  Old, rusted spikes are considered exceptionally powerful because they have been used and have therefore acquired experience and wisdom:  They have been doing what they do a very long time.

The Native Americans, who were known to be great Warriors, Scouts, and Guides displayed a Spirit of Resistance as they fought to remain free from White Colonial interests that was admired by African American slaves who developed Hoodoo from traditions that they brought over with them from Africa but practiced in secret from their “Masters”.  For this reason, the American Indian became symbolic of strength and resistance in early Hoodoo rituals.

By combining these two significant symbols, a powerful protection spell can be created.  Railroad spikes symbolize nailing something down and holding it in place.  The Native American symbolizes resistance and resilience.  The traditional Hoodoo practice is to drive one railroad spike into the Earth and then placing an Indian Head Penny on top of it at each corner of your property.  Like an animal marking its territory the spell caster then urinates on the coin topped spike to seal the package and claim it is their own.

A slightly more sanitary option is to anoint the spike and coin with oil of the caster’s choosing which can vary according to personal preference and/or the desired intention of the specific ritual.  War Water or Hot Foot powder could be used for keeping a particular energy or Person away from the property.  To prevent eviction or repossession of the property one might use Law Keep Away Oil.  For general protection and safety Dragon’s Blood essential oil would be a great choice.  To infuse the barrier with a charm to invite prosperity and good fortune, Tonka Bean Oil is recommended.

Any or all of these oils can be substituted with MydnytBlu’s proprietary Altar Oil Blend.  The oil is the vessel used to contain the intent given it by the caster, so the specific oil used is not crucial to the success of the spell.

MydnytBlu is offering a prepackaged bundle that includes:

  • 1 legally reclaimed, forged iron railroad spike
  • 1 genuine, vintage Indian Head Penny in circulated condition
  • 1 single use dropper bottle of our proprietary, handmade, Altar Oil blend.

Bundles are $12 each, $40 for 4 bundles, or $45 for 5 bundles.

These bundles are rather heavy and a bit expensive to ship. You can pick them up in person at our traveling gypsy booth which can be found by visiting our online Event Calendar at


Instructions for use as a Protection Barrier

(This is a suggested guideline only.  Feel free to modify it in any way that suits your preference or desired intent.)

  • Anoint the railroad spike with the Altar Oil, visualizing an impenetrable wall or suit of armor
  • Beginning with the Northern most point of the area to be protected, face to the North and reach out to Ogoun the Smith saying, “Railroad spike, Iron Strong, Protect my Home all year long”.
  • Drive the spike into Earth (If bare soil is not available at this spot you may place a container of dirt, such as a flowerpot or urn, here and insert the spike into it).
  • Place the Indian Head Penny on top of the railroad spike.
  • Cover the penny topped spike with soil.
  • If desired, urinate on the spot (or pour urine from a container).
  • Say “Thank you, Ogoun”
  • Move deosil (also known as “sunwise” or “clockwise”) to the next point.

Repeat these steps until you have placed 1 coin-topped spike at each desired point and then return to the starting point, face to the North and close the ritual.  You can say “So mote it be” or “This is my Will” or “So it shall be” or any words with which you feel comfortable.

The most common shape or pattern would be a square.  Alternate patterns can be used according to your desire and the specific location for the barrier. Feel free to make any shape that pleases you and meets your individual need


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