Cascarilla Powder

Cascarilla Powder is powdered egg shell. The shells are finely ground the powder feels extremely soft. It is used by many different practitioners for protection, purification and cleansing. It is a very powerful and underused ingredient. Note that strict Vegans should not use this product as it is made from an animal product. It repels negative energy and all vibrations of negative energy.

Different uses are as follows:

- Purification baths

- House protection similar use as black salt, or mark a cross on sides of doors, on the threshold and above the doors, do the same with windows.

- Drawing sigils and circles of protection for rituals

- Dust yourself prior to meditation, astral project or visualization.

- Deters non-corporeal beings from you - Will block spirits near you that you want near you, so reconsider this if you are surrounded by a good realm. Optimal if you wish to block negative spirits. Will not protect you from evil, but will block the non-physical world.

- Perimeter of your home similar to black salt

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