How to begin your witchcraft journey

Are you the type that is always drawn to the metaphysical, have an unexplained connection to certain stones or crystals, always want candles and incense around you?  Then maybe, just maybe it is time to explore the next step.  Witchcraft is a way of life, an appreciation for nature and the ability to use nature towards our intentions.  It is a way where our appreciation will grow into a stronger connection and power for a favored outcome.  

I would encourage you to always absorb as much information as you can and you determine what is worthy of continuing to explore and what is not.  You might have already dabbled with witchcraft and are just wanting to explore to a further extent, or you might be completely green.  Either way, I hope this blog post helps you in some way through your journey. 

My first and most important suggestion is to open yourself up to any possibility, keep an open mind and an open heart, and things will manifest for you on your path.  Witchcraft takes a great deal of internal reflection, it is not a quick fix to all of your problems, to lose weight, to fall in love, or to come into money, it is instead a way of being, a new way of appreciating the things around you and to become one with the universe, to be heard, to be seen, to matter and most importantly to give.

Reflect what interests you the most.  Ask yourself what area you would like to focus on whether it be herbs, oils, crystals, candles, or divination.  Focus on the areas that interest you the most, there is a great deal to learn, but if you have a genuine interest, let your own path guide you.

Yes, there is a traditional altar with a chalice, a wand, an athame and a cauldron.  You can also supplement with cloths, offering bowls, smudging, feathers, crystals, statues, symbols, book of shadows, altar box, tarot, runes, altar tiles and so much more.  You do not need to get all of these things to make your altar complete.  You need to build your altar for yourself and supplement it with what speaks to you.  I personally started with an abalone shell, a river rock with a hole as a candle holder, some sage and the will to make a change.  Yes, my altar has grown considerably and I do not use everything I have each time I use my altar, as I switch things out for the appropriate need.  These are my things and it is my altar, there is no right or wrong way to do it, but I have a personal connection to each and everything I consider to be a part of my altar and have a use for each item I have collected over the years. 

You don’t have to dress the part, you don’t have to decorate your home in a witchcraft theme.  You can, you are welcome to do whatever you want, some display their altars for all to see, some keep them much more private.  I personally have mine in my bedroom as I consider it a very private and intimate area.  Not a place where my 3 year old grandson will place his legos next to my Moon Goddess if you get what I mean.  I keep mine more private, not because I am ashamed, but because it is very personal to me and I want it protected.

Don’t go out and spend a ton of money, buy herbs, oils, crystals as you need them, as you find them, and as they find you. 

I could recommend dozens of books, but instead, I task you to find them yourself.  See what you are drawn to you, then your personal path becomes yours, and yours alone, not dictated by another.  There are topics you can research if you have an interest, but this is not like school and a reading list should not be assigned.  You will find your place, in your own time, and it will surprise you.  Most importantly, learn to go in the direction YOUR path guides YOU.

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