Wands – What are they used for?

Wands are traditionally used for three things. 

First it will help you combine your strength with the strengths of a crystal, metal or plant.  They say plastics do not work with wands, as they do nothing to boost your power.  There is no need to purchase a fancy wand, but it is always good to obtain a wand that you connect with, even if you cannot find the reason.  Some have several wands to use with different spells.  I have a porcupine ritual needle that I use to carve into candles and also use as a wand for some spells.  I have metal wands and I have wooden wands of different types of wood.  I use the appropriate wand for different spells as should you, or if you have only one wand, that will work as well.  I prefer wands with a clear quartz crystal because it is so versatile with any spell.  When you begin working with spirit allies in herbs and woods it is usually the beginning of a potentially long relationship.  It is recommended once you obtain your wand or wands, hang on to them for the long term.  It is not something that can be transferred lightly.

Second, a wand is intended to gather your own energy and direct it into your hand and discharge through your wand.  A wand is a tool to use to focus your energy where you want it applied.  There will be a time when you will not need your wand in some of your Magick, but always keep them as the more they have been used the more they are an extension of you, your energy and your powers.

And third, your wand will help you direct energy into your spell, ward or item you are enchanting.  Yes, you can do this with a finger or a hand motion, I find using a wand and crystal amplifies my focus and I prefer using a wand in these areas.  
How do you use a wand?  Use a wand in any spell that directs you to point, wave or gesture.  A wand is an extension of your arm and it requires not additional complicating movements.  Waving it clockwise (deosil) will increase things and waving it counter-clockwise will reduce things.

How to use a wand to enchant an object.  There are many ways to enchant an object and using a wand will allow you to focus all of your energy and the energies around you into this object.  Point the wand at your object, think of your intention (protection, wealth, love, etc.) and send those energies through your arm, into the wand and embed it metaphysically into your object.  Some spells require chants, which at times heighten the intensity of the enchantment and intention.

In some covens you must earn a wand, but in today's independent sole practicing witches, we obtain a wand whether it be purchase, make or find one. Remember it does not have to be fancy or expensive, but even if unexplained, you must have a connection with your wand.  They can be small or long.  It will depend on what you connect with, and there is no right or wrong wand for you.  When you see it, you will know.

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