How to Use a Bell to Remove a Curse

Bells are often overlooked in witchcraft even though many century old traditions use bells to remove curses, negative energies and protection magic.  The type of bells you chose does not matter and they do not need to match, but preferably bells with a handle to make this spell more comfortable.

This is a simple hex removal or uncrossing spell that can be used whenever you feel you have been cursed or hexed and have those negative energies adhered to you. You will need two bells to hold, one in each hand. 

  1. Dangle your hands at your sides.
  2. Move your hands in front of you and cross them at your wrists. 
  3. Raise your hands above your head uncrossing your wrists as you go.
  4. Drop your hand back to your sides and flick your wrists to make the bells ring. 

Repeat steps 2,3,and 4 a total of 9 times.  This will reverse a curse, hex or a patch of bad luck.

Additionally carrying or wearing an Evil Eye pendant or charm or creating an iron protection ward can help deflect malicious attacks.


-Mydnyt Blu




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