Increase your magic with a full moon

Many spells or rituals call for a full moon. 

When the moon is full, all magical energies are at their highest peak.  Here are some activities suited well during a full moon to utilize it’s unique energy.
Good time to call in more money – a great time to perform spells related to your finances and wealth.  During this time, perform money spells, and affirmations for abundance.  

Romance – the full moon is emotional and receptive and while it’s energy is at full capacity it is an ideal time to call for new romance, bless an existing romance, love charms, and affirmations for healthy relationships.

Banishing – due to the fact that the full moon is at it’s peak and the moon’s energy is about to stop waxing and will begin to wane, it is the ideal time to banish conditions you no longer desire.  Some of these conditions could be unwanted relationship patterns, health issues, and difficulties at work.  With banishing, write down on a small piece of paper what you would like to rid your life of, scroll it up, tie with twine, put in a jar and fill the jar with sea salt.  Place a feather in the top of the jar, close the jar and envision the energy from the moon removing and/or improving this condition.  Keep the jar for 3 moon cycles, scatter the salt outside on your property, burn the scroll and release the feather in the wind.
Charging crystals – I personally like to charge my crystals in the full moon light.  You can also do this in the light of the sun on the day of the full moon.  Spread your crystals on a white cloth to absorb the light to cleanse and recharge their energetic potency.

Clear and bless your home – This will attune your home to the magical energies that assist you and will set positive intentions throughout your home.  It will remove any negativity energy.  You can do this by smudging your entire home.
Dreaming – the full moon increased physic power and is especially potent during this time.  Mugwort will assist in solving problems while you sleep, invites healing, and can aid in foretelling future situations.  Also a great time for runes and tarot.
Draw down the moon – this is a ritual where you will be pulling the energy directly from the moon and the Goddess into yourself.  It is a very powerful experience, but when you establish this connection you will recharged and reconnected, which in turn will increase your powers.

Readings – even if you do not read tarot or oracle, a reading under a full moon is more powerful and accurate.  

Career improvement – a full moon is the perfect time to set your intentions for manifesting a new job, opening a business or bless a current career path. These energies work well with self expansion and positive improvement.

Find lost objects – the clarity of the moon is a good time to ask assistance in finding lost objects, it will shed light during divination and is a great time to seek the moons help.

Moon water – making moon water is a fairly easy task and can be used to enhance rituals and spells, added to bath water for clarity or for ingestion as a magical boost.  Use a clear glass container, fill with water, bless with sage and place a crystal in the water to infuse it with more energy.  While preparing this think of your intent, leave in the moonlight overnight.

Healing – the full moon and the new moon is for healing.  This is a good time to focus your spells or rituals on healing others or yourself.  Repel negative energy and invite all positivity into your life at this time.  Cleanse your home and all negativity while drawing all healing energies to you.

The full "sturgeon moon" of August 2019 will hamper the view of the annual Perseid meteor shower. Sturgeons, which can grow as long as 6 feet, used to be plentiful in rivers and lakes in August.

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