Casting a Circle

Most spells begin with “cast a circle” and today we are going to discuss what is a magical circle, why do you need to cast one and how you cast a magical circle.

A circle is defined by something in the physical world that you build around yourself before working your magic.  I am a solitary witch and I will discuss casting a circle for one, however working with groups, your circle shall be larger accordingly.  Circles can be used not only for spells but for meditating.  Circles are usually about 5 feet in diameter, give or take.  Your circle can be a ring of candles, salt, scarves or simply the four cardinal points.  You also may cast your circle without using physical objects and keep it strictly on the energetic plane.  

Your circle will provide protection, when you cast it with the intention that only positive energies may enter and remain within your circle.  You will be able to easily open yourself up to this positive realm and will not have to worry about any negative forces entering and remaining in your area.  Your circle also serves the purpose to contain the energy you conjure and your own personal energy, and while this circle is contained your powers will be magnified as well as your voice to whom you are requesting assistance.

Below I have listed instructions for casting a basic magical circle.  One you get comfortable with casting circles, you can easily personalize your circle with your own techniques.

To begin, find a flat area indoors or out where you will not be disturbed.  Now you will need to find the four cardinal directions (use the compass on your cell phone if needed).  Place your representation in each of these directions corresponding to its correct element forming your circle (Earth=North, Air=East, Fire=South, Water=West).
Representation examples:  Earth: Crystal, Plant, Offering Bowl with Dirt or Sand, Pentacle, Stone / Air: Feather, Incense, Sage Bundle, Bell, Athame / Fire: Candle, Wand, Dragon, Sun, Pyramid / Water: Sea Shell, Chalice filled with Water, Driftwood, Mirror, Enchanted Water

Stand in the center of your circle facing East.  Relax, clear your mind until you feel centered and calm.  Feel the air around you as you breathe and say, Spirits of Air, I call upon you.

Turn to the south, envision the blazing sun and say, Spirits of Fire, I call upon you.

Turn to the West and imagine the waves of the ocean and the sound of waterfalls and say, Spirits of Water, I call upon you.

Turn to the North and imagine walking barefoot on the Earth’s soil, when you are attuned, say, Spirits of Earth, I call upon you.
Continue to face North and close your eyes.  Focus your energy on sending a solid column of roots made of white light deep into the core of the Earth. Retrieve and bring a golden light up from the Earth into your body and say, Mother Earth, I call upon you.  Next, you will send a column of white light from the crown of your head into the Cosmos and bring a golden light down from the Cosmos into your body and say, Father Sky, I call upon you.

You should feel connected in your circle, on all sides and from above and below.  Feel appreciation for this support you have called up and give thanks, say, thank you, my circle is cast, blessed be. Now’s the time to sit or stand in the center of your circle and meditate or work your spells and magic.

When finished you must close your circle.  Stand and face West, envision water with appreciation and say, Water, you were with me and I thank you. 
Face South, envision fire with appreciation and say, Fire you were with me and I thank you. 
Face East, think thoughtfully of air and say, Air, you were with me and I thank you. 
Face North and as you appreciate the Earth, say Earth, you were with me and I thank you.  Continue to face North, appreciate Mother Earth and say, Mother Earth, you were with me and I thank you. 
Then kindly regard Father Sky above you and say Father Sky, you were with me and I thank you. 

Say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Blessed be, so mote it be.

Lastly, say The circle is open, but never broken.

Sense, feel and imagine all the energy you generated is now being released into the Universe.  Trust that it will do it’s work for you and know in your heart that your magic has begun and so has the peace that comes with your work.
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