Crystal Use Terminology

Cleanse – cleansing is to remove negative energies from your crystal, this is usually done by the sunlight or the moonlight depending on your preference.

Grid – crystals can be added into different patterns or grids for certain purposes, grids can be very powerful tools.

Charge – to charge a crystal is to infuse it with energy, this will boost its power or replenish the power after use.

Hardness – crystals are all measured by hardness, some soft crystals need gentle handling such as Selenite being soft.

Bodies – you have three bodies, physical, energetic and emotional.  Personal space is a good indicator of your energetic body, you can feel when someone is encroaching your energetic body even though they have not touched you. Crystals work quickly with your energetic body, a bit more time to reach your emotional body, and takes longer to work with your physical body.  

Pull – a crystal will pull you, which is your intuition drawing you to a specific crystal to work with, always trust this intuition with crystals, no explanation needed.

Program – programming a crystal is when you give it a special task, every crystal has many uses and you will always see better results when you let your intention be known to your stone, meditating with your crystal is an excellent way of communicating your intentions prior to use.


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