Ley Lines

Ley lines are straight tracks or paths which connect ancient and sacred sites in straight lines stretching across the landscape. Ancients are have said to mark these lines with monuments and pagan temples. The magic and power can be felt emanating from these energy lines and they have been recorded for spiritual and physical benefits. Many pagan structures have been built at these intersections of ley lines.

Ley lines are thought to be magnetic in nature, the exact same lines that birds and mammals and insects use to migrate across long distances. Many reported UFO sightings have followed ley lines. Multiple ancient and even recent man-made structures are believed to be built on ley lines, or on the points where two or more ley lines interconnect. Some examples of these intersections are Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Machu Picchu, churches, roads and many other sacred sites. The point where the lines meet usually coincide with an energy vortex. These sites are considered sacred. Ley lines are frequently recorded in folklore and occult books.

Ley lines and these intersection points are believed to resonate psychic or mystical energy and power. They will contain elements of geomancy and dowsing.

Ley lines and their intersection points are believed by some to resonate a special psychic or mystical energy, often including elements such as geomancy, dowsing or UFOs, stating that, for instance, UFOs use these magnetic or electrical paths to traverse the earth’s surface.

Another theory suggests that these lines are the product of ancient surveying, property markings, or commonly traveled pathways. Archeologists have documented the traditional employment of straight lines between points of use in numerous societies, ancient and modern.

It is also known that spirits travel the earth in straight lines, and these lines could also be ley lines. In many places in Europe there is something known as a corpse road. A corpse road was a path taken by a funeral procession to move the dead from their place of death to their place of burial. Folklore states that on these roads headless dogs, wraiths and corpse lights have been seen on these roads frequently. Folklore also states that spirits are drawn to the corpse roads because of the spiritual energy of these ancient ley lines.

The Fae are also known to travel along specified pathways. There is also speculation that these fairy paths are also ley lines, and that people are warned not to be caught on a fairy path during twilight hours or at night or the Fae will carry them away.

Ley lines are not an outdated idea, but rather a timeless one. If you are a believer of vibration and energy, if you believe that Mother Earth is a living being, then you may be drawn to ley lines without being aware of the attraction. If you are connected with the Earth and take pleasure and gain energy by swimming in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, dipping your toes in a creek, then you will most probably feel the energetic life of being near one of these ley lines or intersections.

Google your local ley lines or intersections near you or in a place you are planning on visiting. Make sure to smudge yourself before visiting these sacred sites. The cleaner your spirit is, the easier it will be to sense the energy in these amazing places. I would also suggest taking a pendulum with you. Once you have arrived, take notice of how you feel, allow nothing to distract you but nature. Walk around and try and sense where the energy is the strongest. When you find spots where the energy is the strongest, take your pendulum out and keep it still. Let the energy move it, if it does not move, keep moving around until you feel a stronger energy yet and repeat. You will know when you find your perfect spot, your pendulum will begin swinging in circles and you know you are in the right place. This spot you have just found is ideal to connect with spirits traveling on these ley lines. When you are finished for the day, be sure to cleanse yourself and your pendulum prior to going home.

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