Witch bottles - why, what and how

Witch bottles are very simple to make and can be used for a wide variety of things.  They are also referred to as spell jars and have been used for centuries all over the world.  Ironically, they were originally used to ward off witches, but as minds opened and folklore expanded it has become more of a witch’s tool instead of a deterrent.

These jars began in the late middle ages and the renaissance era.  Regular people created them to protect themselves from a witch’s curse, thieves, angry spirits and fire. 

The traditional witch’s bottles had two main components, piss and pins.  Reasoning so the bottle would absorb ill intent from a witch and send pain and discomfort to her bladder back to her and protect the ones that made the bottle.  This type of pain was to let a witch know her curse did not work.  Using urine in a witch’s bottle was also a way of marking your territory such as an animal might do. 

There is no need to use urine in modern bottles, most use herbs, crystals and oils, but you are always welcome to use the traditional ways if you wish.

A witch’s bottle should be made of glass, ceramic or metal with a liquid tight lid, plastic is not recommended. 

Items that can be used in a witch’s bottle:  crystals, gemstones, herbs, spices, oils, waters, shells, coins, bones, feathers, beads and more.

If you are going to bury a spell, please make sure the ingredients are biodegradable.  I prefer tin containers that will degrade rather quickly and not cause damage to another if buried deep enough.  If you do choose to use glass or ceramic, also bury deeply (one foot minimum) to prevent any injury over time.

Not all spell jars must be buried.  They can remain on shelves, kept as decorations, with no one being the wiser of what your jar contains.  Or you can hide them in the back of a pantry, whatever you chose there is a place for your jar.

Witch Bottles are for spells that you would like to run for a long time or indefinitely.  These would include protection bottles, protecting your land, or building a family bottle, or anything that will take a great deal of time.

To prepare a spell jar you will need to wash and dry it before using.  Light a candle of choice and let it burn while preparing your jar.  Chose a vessel that is right for you and the intention of the jar you are preparing.  You already have your intention in mind when creating this jar, say that intention out loud and write it on a piece of paper.  It can be more than one word, but clearly state your intention while preparing you jar.  If you choose you may also set your intention inside your mind in lieu of speaking out loud.  Fill your bottle with the ingredients you have chosen for your particular intention.  Tell your bottle what its purpose is while you are filling it.  Seal the jar and melt your candle wax around the seal.  Take it to the place you have chosen and bury it.  Tell no one of its location, but never forget your intention and the action you took to make it manifest.


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