Superstitions of the Old South

Animals  - Animals can see spirits at night, when they stare at nothing inside take heed
Axe  - Never bring an axe into a home
Birds  - Bad luck to kill buzzard, bluebird, mockingbird or thrush
Broom  - Step over a broom is bad luck, instead step over it backwards
Butterfly  - Catch it and bite off its head, new clothes the color of the butterfly
Buzzards  - Buzzards fly high when the rain comes
Buzzards  - If a buzzard flies over your house, you will get good news
Cat  - Cats will draw a child's breath away while sleeping
Cat  - A black cat without a single white hair is a witch
Cat  - Rub a black cat at night will bring images of fire from hell
Cat  - Do not give a black cat away, only lend it
Cats  - To keep a cat grease its feet before taking it away
Caul  - Children born with a caul see spirits
Cook  - Cook drops a dishrag, someone will come hungry
Cow  - Milking a cow when laying down, the cow will go dry unless you sprinkle milk on its back
Cow  - Cow to take a strange calf, rub walnut leaves on their noses
Crock  - When a crock bellows, rain within a day
Dirt  - Sprinkle graveyard dirt on a rail to prevent others from entering
Dogs  - Dogs will run with spirits at night, they are safe from harm if they have dewclaws
Dogs  - Dogs howling is a sign the house will catch fire
Dogs  - To keep a strange dog, snip hair off its tail and put under doorstep
Eyesight  - Wear an earring next to the weak eye, improves vision
Fire  - Embers pop, new clothes
Fire  - Chunk of ember rolls out, sign of company
Fire  - log to roll off the fire, bad luck coming
Fish  - When a dogwood tree blooms fish will bite
Fishing  - Spit on your bait to get fish to bite
Fishing  - Never step over the pole of a fisherman
Fishing  - If you curse you will not catch fish
Flannel  - A flannel rag around wrist will cure pain in that arm
Fleas  - To get fleas out of a house, skin a pine pole leave in the house
Fruit  - Eating fruit that a bird has pecked is said to be poison
Garden  - Grow out of the ground plant from new to full moon
Garden  - Grow in the ground plant from full to new
Hair  - If birds get cut hair, you will have headaches
Hen  - If a hen crows, evil will befall the family
Hogs  - Hogs can see the wind
Hogs  - Hog squeals it is a sign of cold weather
Horse  - Horse mane tangled, sign of witches
Horseshoe  - Nail a horseshoe over stable to prevent witches from riding
Horseshoe  - Nail to door or post for good luck, no evil can enter
Iron  - Iron ring on wrist will give strength
Jaybirds  - Jaybirds go to hell on Friday carrying a small stick for the devil
Keys  - Never throw keys, hand them or set them down, or you will lose them
Knife  - Good luck to drop a knife and it sticks up
Left  - Ear Burning meanings someone is talking about you
Meat  - Eat boiled meat the first of the year to bring good luck all year
Meat  - Do not let the moon shine on fresh meat
Mice  - Do not kill a mouse, for they are cats food
Mirror  - Falls from wall, sign of death, falls from hands, 7 years bad luck
Mist  - Mist rising from the ground, spirits are around
Monday  - Not working on Monday will bring bad luck for the week
Money  - Wear a string around the neck with money for good luck
Mustard  - Mustard seed under the bed will prevent witches from riding
Nail  - To stop bad luck, drive a rusty nail in the front doorstep
Owl  - Owl screeches near a room with the sick, someone will die
Owl  - To stop an owl from screeching throw a chunk of fire out the window
Owl  - When an owl flies inside someone will die
Peacock  - Rain coming when a peacock screams
Pepper  - Never lend salt or red pepper
Pockets  - Turn pockets inside out when near a haunted place
Pregnant  - If a pregnant woman assists with butchery the meat will spoil
Quiver  - Eye quivers, you will cry soon
Rabbit  - Left hind foot of a graveyard rabbit brings luck
Rabbit  - Run behind you, good sign, Run in front, bad sign, cross yourself
Rheumatism  - Tie a leather string on wrist
Right  - Ear Burning means some is speaking evil of you, pull your ear
Right  - Hand Itches come into money
Rooster  - Crowing by the door sign of a visitor
Running  - To run stronger eat half cooked cornbread
Snake  - Good luck to kill first snake of the spring
Step  - Do not step over a child or they will be short
Sweep  - Bad luck to sweep dirt out of a house after the sun goes down
Sweep  - Always sweep when moving into a new house
Toadstool  - Called Devils snuff box, Imps will break apart the toadstool at night, take some for cunjer bags
Warm  - Air Feel warm air at night, a spirit is passing by
Warts  - Washing face in water eggs were boiled will bring warts
Watermelon  - Plant watermelon when the zodiac points to the heart
Willow  - Willow stick will turn to the ground where you should dig a well

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