Witch’s Needle

In the 1600s there was a surefire way to determine if you were dealing with a witch and it was called the Witch’s Needle.  When someone was trying to determine whether one was dealing with a witch in the 1600s, they would look for the Devil’s Mark. 

It was usually in a hidden place on the body not easily found.  It could be any discoloration of the skin like birthmarks, scars or moles.  They would take a needle and poke the mark and if a person did not bleed, they were determined to be a witch. 

Like many items used against witches in the past (witch’s balls), this has been changed into a tool for the modern witch.  It’s legends lend strength and power to the needle.  Now witch’s needles are used to carve symbols into candles and used at times in place of athames during rituals or spell work. 

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