The Evil Eye

Oh MY... what a pretty baby you have....

The Evil Eye superstition reaches all over the world including Greeks, Dutch, Irish, Italians, Egyptians, Turkish, Chinese and more. The general belief is that if one has negative intentions and gives you a glare, you will be cursed with the Evil Eye (the Mati Curse). These negative intentions can be anger, jealousy or anything negative. It is also believed that whoever receives the Evil Eye can be plagued with headaches and/or bad luck.

In some countries, when one compliments someone’s child, the parent will go into exaggerated detail describing all of the child’s shortcomings to prevent the Evil Eye Curse on their child.  Some will go to such lengths as to not bathing their child and dressing them in rags to avoid this historical curse. The Evil Eye Charm was designed as an amulet to protect one from the affects of the Evil Eye Glare and in some cases the amulet acts as a mirror and reflects the negative intentions right back to the sender.

All you have to do is possess the Charm, so go ahead and wash your stinky kids and let the whole world see them shine!

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