The Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho is a special plant surrounded by many superstitions. This plant grows in dry desserts in Northern Africa and Asia and has adapted to survive even with no water for years at a time. When it has no water, it dries up and curls in on itself creating a small tumbleweed ball and is able to protect itself until it drifts in the wind to water or rain comes. As soon as it finds enough moisture the ball unfurls and becomes a soft fern-like plant with soft, green fronds although this plant is not a fern at all but a type of moss.

It is a very primitive plant like a living fossil. Some people call the Rose of Jericho the Dinosaur Plant. This plant is believed to have magical qualities and superstition says this plant will bring you prosperity if you add five coins to the water you use to make it unfurl. After the plant unfurls, you can brush the water onto windows and doors to let prosperity inside. The Rose of Jericho is also known as the Resurrection Plant. Christians, on the other hand, believe the plant represents Christ with his death and resurrection with it’s ability to die and recover. In Northern Africa, the plant is associated with thunder and lightening spirits and is presented as an offering to these spirits. It is said that it will bring happiness to those who bless themselves with it. All you need to do with the Rose of Jericho is place it in a bowl of water and within a few hours it starts to come alive. Do not leave it standing in water more than a few days, change the water daily and give it 12 hour rests without water.

After it comes to life it can be planted in sandy soil, but many enjoy the resurrection of this plant and will let it return to its dormant state to watch it magically come back to life again and again. This plant is called Selaginella lepidophylla and will make seeds and germinates easily.

There are many superstitions surrounding this plant. If you wish to have a good business, place this plant in a shallow dish of water and place it near the door. It is believed that it will bring more customers. This plant also symbolizes protection, power, happiness, abundance and peace, and will prevent negative sources from influencing your life. Many have advised to place this plant anywhere in your home for protection. The Rose of Jericho is also believed to draw love. To do this, write the name of the desired person an a piece of paper with red ink, burn that paper, place the ashes in a bowl of water with other herbs and place your dried Rose of Jericho into the bowl.

What to do with the water of the Rose of Jericho:

Do not throw it out, it is very valuable, you should collect it and use it. You can sprinkle the magic water on your doorstep to invite all blessings. Toss it on your door to enhance protection. You can add it to your floor wash to cleanse your home and to bring prosperity. It can also be used similar to holy water to repel negativity and reverse bad luck. After you have harvested your water, you may put your Rose of Jericho back to sleep until you call upon it again. The water of the Rose of Jericho is also called the Water of Light. This is a most amazing and intriguing plant that brings positive energy to those that are in it's life.Image result for rose of jericho

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