Celtic Ogham Staves

The Ogham is an ancient Celtic alphabet which consists of 20 characters or symbols that each correspond to a specific tree. These symbols can be used for divination in connecting the power for the corresponding tree and connecting with the spirits of the green world. Each wooden stave holds their own magical qualities. Staves are burnt with its own symbol and has its own specific meaning.

There are no formal records as to how staves were used in divination in the ancient times but there have been a number of interpreted theories. There are 20 original letters in the Ogham alphabet, 5 more were added at a later date. Each corresponds to a letter or a sound and is specifically associated with its own wood or tree. Each stave symbol has also come to be associated with its own meaning and human experience elements. Today, in Ireland and the Celtic world, there are Ogham carvings on large standing stones that still exist today.

Staves were named for Ogmos, the Celtic God of Eloquence and Literacy. Ogmos was credited with creating this alphabet to show all how linguistically gifted he was and followers used the Ogham as a form of communication of the most educated. Staves that have been carved with the Ogham alphabet have become a popular method of divination in groups that follow a Celtic path or among Pagans.

Reading staves is not as difficult as one might think, it is very similar to Tarot but is dated back to the 8th Century. Many people keep their staves in a pouch and when they have a question in mind they reach in the pouch and pull out three staves. Some use more, some use less. When reading the answer from your staves, refer to the Ogham symbol chart to obtain the guidance you seek.

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