Tonka Beans

They only grow in the Amazon Rain Forest and they are close to impossible to get, especially from the current harvest. They are harvested in the Amazon forest on the Orinoco River. The Haba Tonka season is only in March, when they are gathered and dried so they can be available past their harvest. These beans have a sweet vanilla cinnamon smoky spicy aroma and their scent is unlike anything you have experienced. It is intoxicating. Their formal name is Dipteryx Odorata.

These beans were banned in the US in 1954 as a food product because if you ingest enough it can cause damage to the liver because of the level of coumarin.

On the Magickal side, they are sweet beans and are used to draw sweet things into your life, such as love, money, luck and are also used in Hoodoo, Voodoo and Magick. They are used in Mojo Bags, Charm Bags and in many different ways. The Tonka Bean has the simplest spell that I have found in Witchcraft. Hold a Tonka Bean in your hand and say the following: "I have a Tonka Bean, because times are lean, Make it draw me money, like bees to honey" Then carry the Tonka Bean around with you near where you carry your money. Pouch around your neck, purse, wallet, or pocket.

Tonka beans have been used for centuries in wish magic. Stated in ancient folklore when you hold 3 Tonka beans in your hand and make a wish, then place them under your pillow your wish will come true. Tonka beans have been used in Hoodoo and more recently used in witchcraft. They are a very rare bean hard to obtain.

The Tonka Bean is a long wrinkly brown bean and is solely from South America. It has been reported as the most delicious ingredient you have never heard of. It is used quite often in French Desserts and in some elite American 5 star restaurants in moderation. Some well known companies have purchased our Tonka Beans to use in their fragrance lines.

Tonka Beans make an extrodinary oil when shaved and steeped in a carrier oil for weeks. The smell is unlike anything and can be worn by men and women alike.

MydnytBlu offers freshly dried, cleansed, and consecrated Tonka Beans in quantities of 1, 3, or 7, in keeping with Hoodoo tradition, and they can also be found seasonally as part of various pre-packaged altar kits or ritual kitsClick here to order.

A similar item, sometimes called “African Wishing Beans” is the Mojo Bean, but that is an entirely different thing.  The Mojo Bean has its own magical and metaphysical uses.  More information regarding Mojo Beans can be found by clicking here.

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