The Full Blue Moon: August 30, 2023

The Full Blue Moon: August 30, 2023, at 7:35 PM MST

Well, the unthinkable could be possible if you’ve ever used the term, “once in a blue moon”. While it has nothing to do with the color, it is the second full moon in August. We call this moon the blue moon as it is the third full moon of the season (astrological blue moon) and the second full moon within one month (calendrical blue moon). This moon is special and isn’t part of the 12 full moons of the years when it comes to the normal naming process. This is a special year, because the blue moon only makes an appearance about every two to three years.

This moon represents a wonderful time to start nourishing your life and self, expanding where there is a need, and celebrating the good things. Like all blue moons, this one is like a normal full moon but on steroids as it is full of even more energy and is known to bring luck and magic – so start preparing your spells!

Just like the moon itself is rare, so are the things that this new energy will bring to you. Take advantage of those opportunities and take an adventurous risk. Also just like in Aquarius where this moon settles, allow yourself and your situation to stand out. Blending in or continuing to try to will be what holds you back during this time.

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