The Sturgeon Moon: August 1, 2023

The Sturgeon Moon: August 1, 2023, at 12:31 PM MST

The Sturgeon moon is the supermoon at the beginning of August, and it got its name from the type of fish that the Algonquin tribes would hunt for in the water during this time of year. This prehistoric fish was an extremely important part of the tribes’ survival and would rise to the surface during this timeframe from their normal spot at the bottom of the lakes.

With many full moons, we are going to feel an intense energy with rising emotions. The symbol of this moon is to let those old parts of ourselves rise like the sturgeon fish in those lakes, face those parts and decide to let them go. These parts might be old emotions, memories, or suppressed feelings from long ago. Let them all rise to the surface and be seen, or else we will just continue to let them affect us in silence in our daily lives. Sturgeon fish have often been mistaken for sea monsters. Once they rise to the surface, they make themselves known as just really large fish. Let your suppressed pieces rise as well and be known not as sea monsters but as parts of you that you are ready to release.

In order to release anything, we must silence our minds and calm our energy. Try meditation and work on your breathing to do this. In other words, be kind to yourself and give that self-care that is long overdue. This Sturgeon moon is in Aquarius and will do wonders for those that share the sign, so soak up those ideas that come to you and get ready!

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I’ve been into reading about Wiccan and occult and all things metaphysical for long time. I’m I’m now single and retired and want to devote more energy to practice. Where’s a good starting point. I’d like to be able to meditate, communicate with loved ones who have passed and tarot. Any thoughts

Carrie August 15, 2023

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