The Full Flower Moon: May 5, 2023

The Full Flower Moon: May 5, 2023, at 11:34 AM MST

This month we invite the second full moon of Spring 2023 and the spring equinox. Our May full moon is in Scorpio, which is where we are urged to confront our deepest emotions as we work on turning all the darkness in our life, into light.  The name of this full moon is no surprise as it comes at a time where Spring is in session, as it symbolizes all the flowers to come so soon.

While this full moon is the second eclipse of the new year, it’s the first lunar eclipse in 2023. The energy of this full moon will encourage us to expunge all our emotional baggage and confront our inner desires to find a happy medium within your feelings.

With an entire whole month that represents love, laughter, pleasure, and celebration – there is an unlimited potential for some major happiness in your life. Just like a flower within this symbol, going from a seed to full bloom is not easy, it’s hard work but the end result is completely worth it.

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