The Full Strawberry Moon: June 3, 2023

The Full Strawberry Moon: June 3, 2023, at 9:42 PM MST

June’s Full Moon with be our sixth this year and it is in Sagittarius. This special moon had its name chosen to symbolize the ripening of strawberries during this warmer season as Summer approaches us. This moon is a fun one as it vibes for love, prosperity, and luck – which will encourage you to dream and attempt your biggest desires. Manifestation is a huge part of this time of year. The more you manifest, the more positive energy into your desire you will create and the more likely it will happen. Maybe you can cast a few money spells or buy a money jar for an extra boost?

While manifesting is the biggest focus this month, there is also room for more reflection but with a spotlight on romantic relationships. If you’re a Sagittarius yourself and you have a vacation planned, make the trip happen – you will need to shift your mindset for focus and changing your environment can do just that.

If you feel unready for these changes, you can prepare by doing a simple ritual to allow yourself to be spiritually set up. Light a ritual candle, grab a few fresh strawberries and have your pen and paper handy. As your candle burns and you hold your fresh strawberries, imagine the things you would like to draw into your life – and write them down. It all starts with acknowledging what we want to attract and how we want our life to look. Once we have our life pictured with the new changes, it’s much easier to make them happen. Strawberries themselves bring many meanings that correspond with this full moon such as love, success and prosperity.

What does your plan for this moon look like?

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