Witchcraft – Different Types of Candles/Uses

Spell/Chime Candles – these candles are 4 inches in height and ½ in diameter. They come in many colors for different spells and these are the most commonly used.  Some find it difficult to locate spell candle holders that fit these candles.  These candles take a few hours to burn down to the quick and are perfect for longer spells or spells that do not require burning all the way out.  Some find it useful to purchase a pack of multicolored spell candles to have the correct color whenever the need arises.

Tealight Candles – these are a good alternative to spell candles and are my second choice.  They are easy to get and can be found everywhere.  They come in many colors but the downside is they come in scents which can interfere with your incense or herb burning.  They have a large surface and are nice to melt herbs and crystals in for spell purposes.

Votive Candles – these are small candles that come in a jar and work well if you pick a scent (or preferably unscented) that goes with the appropriate spell.  These also work for incorporating crystals and herbs in spell work.  These are higher priced than spell candles for the purpose.

Seven Day Candles – these candles are for offerings to Deities, Spirits or Saints.  They come in a glass jar and are color coded for specific purposes.  Oils, herbs and crystals can be placed inside the candle jar for spell work purposes.
Birthday Candles – for quick spells that require the candle to be burned down to the quick, these are sufficient to use and are particularly inexpensive and easy to use when placed in altar sand inside a cauldron.  

Shaped Candles – these candles have specific purposes depending on the shape.  They come in men, women, cats, skulls and can be used for many different spells and intentions.
Church/Altar Candles – these candles are not to be used for spells unless you only burn for a few minutes per day and extinguish quickly.  They are not the preferred candle for witchcraft by any means.

Various Jar Candles – these candles come in all shapes and sizes and usually come scented which makes it difficult to correspond with spells.  Not preferable for spells.

Candles do not need to be from a witch shop, but it helps if they are as to not get some strange fragrance you did not intend to purchase.  Do not use pre-burnt candles unless you are the one that previously burnt them, as you do not know what intention a strange candle has attached to it.  

Waxes is another interesting topic.  Which wax is best.  Some people enjoy bee products, some prefer paraffin and some want strictly vegan which is usually soy based.  I personally prefer soy based candles however, I am not a vegan by any means.  Rumor has it paraffin wax is bad for the environment and your health, but I have yet to find conclusive evidence of these statements.

Candle fragrances – while many candle makers offer fragrant candles, I always find it comforting to use my own essential oils and altar blends.  This way I know what I am burning and do not have to worry about what a manufacturer has put into the candle I purchase.  So I always buy unscented and anoint my own candles prior to any spell work.
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Inside color – the inside of the candle color does not matter with regard to spell work.  Candle magick is only about using the element of fire to remove or create.  When adding a fragrance (oil or herb) you are calling on that plant spirit or Deities that correspond with that specific fragrance.  The color of the candle should be matched to the spell but the inside color does not matter.  For example, gold and silver candles must be dipped and the color will not be consistent throughout.  If you cannot match the color of a candle to the required spell, white will always use as a good substitute.

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