Candle Scrying - Communicating with the Dead

Communicating Through Candle Scrying

Communicating through candle scrying is a proven way to talk to the dead.  This simple technique is very similar to crystal or mirror gazing.  Candle scrying has worked for me when trying to contact my deceased loved ones.  You do not have to be a medium to communicate, and this is a much safer way as crystals and mirrors can sometimes trap spirits.

First, clear your mind and relax.  Light your candle and gaze into your candle flame.  Ask a specific person that has passed to join you and focus on the flame of the candle.  

You should then start to see visions through the flame as though you were having a lucid dream.  Let your mind wander, all along while focusing on the candle and the person you are focused on.  The dead may send you thoughts, pictures, memories, or any information they feel you should know.  You may also ask questions of the dead, if the flame grows a bit, that would indicate the answer yes, if the flame decreases, that would indicate a no.  

When you are finished snuff out the candle, which will end the communications.  If you choose to let the candle burn, it will help other spirits be guided on their Samhain journey into the living world.  

Never leave a candle burning unattended.

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