Samhain is the time between sundown on October 31st and sundown on November 1st.  This is a time when ghosts are free to roam the Earth.  This is time to perform powerful Magick.  Here is a collection of superstitions, divinations, customs and rituals you may like to try this Samhain.

Dumb Supper – a Dumb Supper is a meal you share with your ancestors, relatives or close friends that have passed.  Cook a meal and place a plate and portion around your table for each of the dead you wish to join you.  It is imperative that you cook and eat this meal in total silence.  Do not season the food, as salt will keep them away.  

Lights On – Leave a candle, light or jack o' lantern in your window.  The jack o' lantern is designed to ward away evil spirits (similar to costumes, fooling them into thinking that it is one of them).  The jack o' lantern is named after titular Jack who is cursed to wander the earth with nothing but a turnip for a lantern.
You can leave a candle without the pumpkin if you wish.  This signals Spirits to you, usually dead relatives or others with a close connection to you.  The light acts as a signal during Samhain to either welcome them into your home or give them the proverbial light to move into. Spirits are the strongest during Samhain, so welcome them, but be careful what you wish for and only welcome those with good intentions.

Costumes – the original of costumes during Samhain was to fool the wandering dead that you are one of them.  If you do choose to leave your home, dress as though you were dead, not as a princess, celebrity, or mermaid.

Fruit Divination – take an apple and peel it in one long peel, throw it over your left shoulder (or the longest piece if you are unable to peel in one piece), turn and look at it and it will have formed the initial of your true love.

Wisdom of Spiders – most people do not like spiders, but they can be great allies if treated right.  When bad witches are near spiders are said to fall into burning candles and die.  If you ever find a spider in your candle wax, be warned and be wary.  If you see a spider on Samhain, a dead relative is watching over you.  Anytime of the year, if you catch a spider inside your home and do not kill it, but release it outside, you may ask it a question.  Your answer will be granted in some form within three days and will be given in exchange for sparing the spiders life.

Bonfire – building bonfires on Samhain crosses many cultures.  It is intended to dispel bad luck and bring in good luck.  The ashes of a Samhain fire are especially powerful to make Black Salt.

Tarot – Samhain is suited for Tarot readings or any other type of divination. The readings are most accurate during this time.  Remember with the ancient calendar, each day begins at sundown, not sunup.

Spirit Communication – If you naturally contact Spirits, Samhain is the best possible time for this interaction.  You will be able to see or receive messages from your guides more easily.  I suggest Ouija boards for this purpose, especially during this time.

Mirrors – divination involving mirrors. During Samhain, when it is completely dark, look into a mirror after midnight and over your shoulder will be the face of the person you will spend the rest of your life with.  It is said that if you see a skull, your love with die soon.  If this is done in a group, make sure only one looks into the mirror at a time.

Divination of the Hazelnut – If you are deciding between lovers, place a hazelnut for each of them beside a fire and chant “if you love me, pop and fly, if you hate me, burn and die”.

End of the Year – many witches consider Samhain to be the end of the year and will set next years goals at this time.  Writing intentions on bay leaves and burning them is the strongest way to do this.

Dedication – Samhain is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to your practice.  Re-dedication is also appropriate during this time.  Write your intention on paper, place under your pillow and sleep with it there only on this night for additional guidance on your path.  Burn before the sun falls the following day.

Paying it forward – superstitions states that you have the power to release souls from purgatory on All Hallows Day (November 1st) traditionally by giving bread, money or items to the poor which honors the Dead.  Most will be pleased by helping the poor in their honor.

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