Mahogany Crystal Wand Carved 9 Inches Handmade Purple Blue or Clear Polished Crystal Titanium

Handmade Crystal Wand
9+ Inches
Hand Carved Mahogany Wood
Tapered End
Brazilian Crystal Point Tip Polished Smooth
1) Purple Gold Titanium Coating
2) Blue Silver Titanium Coating
3) Clear
Wrapped in Purple Witches Thread
Beautiful Pieces
Handmade by MydnytBlu

Mahogany is a luxurious hardwood valued for its straight grain and luscious, reddish-brown color. Mahogany conducts vibration well, which has historically made it a favorite wood for fine musical instruments. It has a deep, warm, energetic tone that matches its rich color.

Spiritual growth, guidance, and strength are the magickal properties of Mahogany. Mahogany is a sophisticated, balanced wood—imbued with energies of both Earth and Fire—and seeks a magickal partner who is equally well-rounded.

Materials: Carved Wood Crystal Wand

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