Witch Sigil Stones Black Agate 6 Piece Altar Stones

Witch Stones
Black Agate
Engraved filled with Gold Resin
Six Stones with Blue Velvet Pouch

-Horned God - masculine energy, tied to nature, the wilderness, sexuality and life cycle
-Pentacle - a symbol of protection, the pentacle encompasses all the elements in unity
-Triple Moon - represents the phases, life, death and rebirth, goddess energy, maiden, mother and crone
-Spiral - represents the journey from blind to enlightenment, a labyrinth
-Ankh - essence of life force energy, flowing infinitely, eternal life
-Triskelion - represents personal empowerment, related to earthly life, afterlife and reincarnation

These Altar Stones are made to enhance your ritual work. They can be placed on your altar, sacred space, or carry with you for healing, guidance, energy and protection.

Materials: Archangel Stones

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