Celtic Short Sword - Red Jewel

Beautiful Athame - Excellent Altar Piece
15.25 Inches
Stainless Steel Blade
Celtic Designs with Red Jewel on Pommel
Pewter Colored Metal Accents
Comes with a pictured scabbard
Very heavy Unsharpened Athame

Just like all of my Athames, this too has been cleansed with Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Water (collected on January 21 & 22, 2019 in Colorado by MydnytBlu) and charged in the full moonlight.

I was gifted a chest of my Aunt's things and inside were many Athames and Scottish Daggers. She had a shop in the 90s and these are from the leftover inventory, so these are not antique, they are definitely vintage and I have put my own touch on them. These athames were packaged very well and are in excellent condition.

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