Moroccan Bells - String, Cones

Moroccan Bells
Glass Red/Clear Large Beads
12 Inches Long
9 Bells per Strand
Braided Leather Cord
Large Loop at top for hanging on doorknob or elsewhere
Beautiful chime sound

Doorknob Protection Bell, Wall Hanging or Wind Chimes
Each Bell is 1.5" each
Metal Clapper

The Gypsy's Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: The Bell Rite
Bells are ethereal. They vibrate deep in your body and enter your soul. Sound affects us on many levels, triggering mental and emotional responses. Because of this bells have been used for centuries as a way of signaling, time keeping and warning.

Bells have held sacred significance for many cultures. The Japanese use bells for ceremonies, bringing good luck and even communicating with a ancestors. Bells were believed to ward off the mischievous fairies. And, some say that bells rung in the house bring prosperity

Because of the vibratory nature of bells they are an extremely effective form of spiritual cleansing and protection. Bells can ward off negativity and unwanted visitors, this is the origin of the funeral toll. The vibrations from the bells will break up the negative and stagnant energy left hanging in the air. They move and jolt to life the stagnant and worn-out.

Simply chiming them in a rhythmic fashion will move the energy and lift the spirits. The louder the bells are rung, the more powerful the effect. The shamans drum and the Buddhist singing bowl can be used in a similar fashion.

Try ringing a bell a few times in a room that feels heavy or after a fight or conflict took place. If you are feeling clouded or fuzzy headed ringing a bell a few times around your aura. You can hang bells by the front door so that when someone enters or exits, the bells renew the energy in the area.MydnytBlu Boho
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